About No Mask Nevada

We are a political action committee (PAC) that is registered in Nevada to advance First Amendment rights, including the freedom of expression to choose not to wear masks when the government has not proven a compelling state interest in doing so.

During 2020, we formed in order to provide the public with the assurance that our First Amendment rights were not set aside simply because one man in the executive branch of government decided this to be the case. During the “shutdown” and mask mandate, the governor never asked the opinion of nor issued a request that his mask mandate was voted on by the legislature. After the Nevada state legislature met twice, during the mandate, there was not one vote to keep the mandate.

Any emergency powers cited by the governor should have expired after a reasonable opportunity (twice) to consult the legislative branch of government.

For this reason, No Mask Nevada will stay organized and support candidates who want to balance the unfair power that the executive branch has in Nevada by electing candidates for public office who seek equal power between the legislative and executive branches.

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In The News

Ian Bayne, chairman

Ian Bayne (ianbayne.com) is the chairman of No Mask Nevada and founded the organization in 2020.

Ian works as a contractor in residential banking while simultaneously working as a political strategist and in talk radio and media for over 20 years.
Politics was his first career choice in 1998 at the age of twenty-five, and by 2001 had built a 950-member political action committee as founding chairman that was chartered by the Massachusetts Republican Party to promote candidates and party positions in the media.
Ian found himself leading the effort for future presidential candidate Mitt Romney to secure the 2002 Republican nomination for governor of Massachusetts just a few years later.
He created relationships with donors by standing up for constitutional values and against political corruption. Among his financial supporters were Albert Merck of Merck, Ted Cutler of Sands Corporation, Ben Cammarata of TJX, and Lovett Peters of the Pioneer Institute.
As a morning radio political talk show host in Illinois, Ian led his market in ratings, beating Levin, Hannity, Beck, and Limbaugh in key demographics. His podcasts were played over 60,000 times per month. A 2016 personal endorsement of Senator Ted Cruz led to Cruz defeating Trump in his listening area, even after Trump personally visited the area.
A passionate defender of the constitution and for freedom, Ian led movements like a 2001 bipartisan effort to stop a law that would allow for primary enforcement of seat belts, and forming No Mask Nevada PAC in 2020 to protest the mandatory mask mandate.

Growing up very poor in Somerville, a suburb of Boston controlled by FBI’s most wanted gangster “Whitey” Bulger at the time, Ian was exposed to crime and danger. Ian was arrested when he was 19 years old and had to serve probation as a result, with no other arrests since that time.

Ian is a dedicated husband to his wife Carolyn and a follower of Christ and holds a (J.D.) law degree from Northwestern California University School of Law. He ran for Nye County Clerk in 2022 and received 40% of the vote in the Republican primary.

Ian Bayne, chairman
Ian Bayne, chairman